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Our “regular” cakes (servings listed above) are built with 2 layers of cake sponge with one layer of filling in between, creating a cake that is about 4.5″ tall.

We also offer a “Double tall” option (one and a half amount of servings that are listed above), made with 3 layers of cake sponge and 2 layers of filling, creating a cake tier that is about 6.5″ tall.

After purchase, cakes should be transported on a flat surface, then stored in refrigeration.Prior to serving, cakes should be thawed to room temperature.

Cake sponges are made from our same cupcake sponge ingredients, however textures may vary, depending on flavors.The following flavors make the best cake layers: Red Velvet, Vanilla and Chocolate.Cookies & Cream, Spice, Funfetti and Carrot cakes yield a great texture too.

All cupcake icings can be used as a filling in cakes.We use vanilla buttercream in the construction of cakes and always recommend it as the icing.

Looking for something special?Please email us at to receive a custom quote or send us details of your request.

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